Jubilee Hall

Harleston Road, Starston  IP20 9NL
Registered Charity No: 1073881

P1060197 - cropped & reducedStarston Jubilee Hall was opened in 1978 and in 1980 it won an award from the Norfolk Society in recognition of its contribution to the conservation and improvement of the countryside.

It is now a registered charity run by a group of Trustees, supported by a Management Committee.



The regulations regarding the re-opening of public buildings are gradually being relaxed but each organisation has to make its own decisions. The current situation is that to allow anyone into the Hall, even if it’s just to use the toilets, would invalidate our insurance.

The Trustees of Starston Jubilee Hall have decided that the Hall will re-open from the beginning of September but only to groups of 10 people or less.  Also all current hire agreements are cancelled. Anyone wishing to use the Hall will need to sign a new Hirer’s agreement which includes a number of COVID 19  procedures which must be followed.

Please contact the Hall Manager or any Trustee for further information.  NOTE: In a rapidly changing situation the date for re-opening cannot be guaranteed. 

July 9th 2020 



The Jubilee Hall is available to hire.
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Interior of Hall


The Hall has kitchen facilities – including a dishwasher – superfast Wi-Fi broadband and private parking.

The dimensions of the main hall are approximately 16 feet by 25 feet.

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In 2012 the Jubilee Hall took over the responsibility for the Glebe Meadow after people and businesses in the village had raised the funds to buy this meadow as a community space.

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