Youth Club

Youth Club LogoThe Club provides an opportunity for local children and families to get to know one another, as Starston village is spread over a wide geographical area such that those living at one end of the village may never meet those living at the other end, being 4 miles apart.

The Starston Youth Club for primary school age children meets monthly usually between 3 and 4.30pm on Saturday afternoons at the Starston Jubilee Hall (see link to dates below).

The Saturday meeting is an open drop-in style club with a core set of activities including table top football; children’s size pool/snooker table; parachute games; traditional board games; craft activities.

Depending on volunteer’s availability and the weather, activities may also include outdoor table tennis and rounders/cricket/parachute games on the Glebe Meadow.   Numbers are typically about 8 children, a small enough group for quieter children not to feel overwhelmed and get to know other children, whilst large enough for team games.   Our experience has been that children attending for the first time may start not knowing other children, but by the end of their first club meeting, they have grown in confidence, struck up friendships and are keen to come again.

In 2017 the Starston Youth Club for pre-school age children met fortnightly between 9:45am and 11:15am on Wednesday mornings, again at the Starston Jubilee Hall.  Numbers varied but were on average 5 children.  In 2018, the pre-school age children’s club will be held on an adhoc basis, to fit in with families availability.   If you would like more information, please contact Sam on 07983 729703.

A large soft play ball pit and indoor bouncy castle are available, together with pre-loved donated toys and games, including a self-drive toy car and tricycle.  The children have said that they like playing with toys that are different to what they have at home.  These larger items are available for loan to Starston families for birthday parties e.t.c for a small donation.

Events are also organised on an all ages basis, depending on the weather and the interests of those attending eg outdoor picnic/ games/ activities on the Glebe Meadow or visits to nearby attractions, including Starston ones such as visits to farms/ small holdings in the village.

In 2018, we are planning trips to Earsham Wetland Centre and the Oasis Camel Park.   Other trips requested by Starston children include Banham Zoo, Thetford Forest, Dino Park, plus day trips to London and Paris!  If trips to local attractions are well supported by Starston families, then we will consider outings to locations further afield in 2019.

Refreshments are available (squash, tea or coffee and home made biscuits/cake) for children and their (grand) parent(s)/ responsible adult.   We are grateful to the East of England Co-op for their sponsorship of fairtrade tea for all club meetings.

A minimum donation of £2 per child for the primary school age club and £1.50 per child for the pre-school age club is appreciated for each club meeting.   This helps to cover costs, for example arts and crafts materials, refreshments and hall hire fees.   A slightly higher donation is requested if higher costs are incurred for a particular club activity, for example the Fireworks or Christmas Party.  Any entrance fees and travel costs for trips to local attractions will need to be met in full by parents.

The club was named “Starston Youth Club” by those children attending in the first year of the club in 2016.   The logo was designed by ex-Starston resident Jon Leterme-Dowling, to whom we are most grateful.

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