Jubilee Hall Refurbishment 2016

In 2015 the Hall secured grants from the National Lottery and several charitable trusts which enabled a major renovation programme to take place. Rotten beams and bargeboards were replaced, damp proofing was carried out, new windows and doors were fitted and the electrics were improved. This work was done to a high standard by professionals. Volunteers then moved in to redecorate internally. The result of this work is a building which is sound, weatherproof, has better energy efficiency and is much more comfortable for all who use it. In addition car parking was increased at the front of the building.

The successful completion of the project was marked by a village celebration on 6 May 2016.

Derek Griffin, first chairman of the Starston Amenities Group, opens the refurbished Hall. Bryan Hanner, then Chairman oF the Jubilee Hall Trustees, looks on.