Glebe Meadow – Jubilee Orchard

Planting the Orchard

Planting the Orchard

In February 2012 many of the villagers met on the newly acquired Glebe Meadow to plant a fruit orchard, mostly traditional varieties of fruit trees from East Anglia. The Glebe Meadow Management Group selected and bought the trees, then each family chose one and planted it.


Jubilee Orchard sign


At the Jubilee celebrations in June 2012, which were held on the Glebe Meadow, the orchard was formally named the Jubilee Orchard and was opened by Richard Taylor and Harry Colman, representing the oldest and the youngest in the village.


Charlotte age 4 and her tree. She was 3 months old when it was planted

Charlotte age 4 and her tree. She was 3 months old when it was planted

Four years on (2016) from the initial planting families often come down to the meadow to see how “their” tree is doing.  The fruit trees include varieties of apple, pear, plum, damson, medlar and quince, and are thriving.  Pruning is undertaken to shape the trees and they are now at the stage of beginning to bear fruit.  We will need to decide how best to manage the ‘fruit harvest’ as a community activity.  Ideas welcome!

A seat is planned for the glade in the middle of the orchard for people to relax and enjoy the scent of blossom and the buzz of pollinating bees from the nearby hives.

To see a list of the various fruit trees in the meadow, who planted them and a plan showing where each one is, click HERE

On Saturday 18th February 2012 Michael Bartlett, Peter Grimble and Dee Palmer were interviewed on Radio Norfolk on the day the village came together to plant the orchard on the Glebe Meadow. To hear this feature click on the audio player below:


Bench unveiling - photoshopped xOn 8th April 2017 a ceremony was held on the meadow to install a new custom-built seat in the orchard. The seat was launched by Richard Lombe Taylor and Harry Colman once again representing the oldest and youngest in the village. To see a short video of the launch click HERE


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