Bee Group

Bee HivesA community Bee Group has been formed in Starston to create and manage the apiary which currently comprises 3 hives in a sheltered spot close to the Jubilee Orchard.  Bee hives have been planned as part of the Glebe Meadow project and were introduced in 2014.  The Bee Group is open to all and includes several people new to bee-keeping as well as existing bee-keepers.  The purpose of the Bee Group is:

  • to enable the village to have its own hives where people can experience the world of bees
  • to promote an understanding of bees and their role, using Pigeon Post and activities on Glebe Meadow
  • to enable people of all ages to gain hands-on experience of bee-keeping
  • to manage the bees adjoining Jubilee Orchard and maximise the pollination benefits to the orchard and the wider countryside

Please let us know if you are interested in becoming involved with the Bee Group in any capacity – you will be most welcome.  Current members of the Bee Group are:

  • Shane Gilbert
  • Peter Grimble
  • Sue Grimble
  • Lucy Kirkwood
  • Dinny Turner
  • Ben Wilson

Starston Bee Group would like to acknowledge the valuable support we have received from the East of England Co-Op, and from South Norfolk Council.

For further information or to get involved, please contact Peter Grimble on 01379 852819.

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