Fly Tipping at the Jubilee Hall

If anyone knows who is fly tipping rubbish at the Jubilee Hall please contact one of the Trustees. Recently our black bin was filled with bricks, concrete and even an old chimney. We put the bin in the shed to try and stop this but this morning there were two big plastic sacks of rubbish, […]

Footpath from Wind Pump to Beck Cottages

The footpath from the wind pump to Beck Cottages has been ploughed up and no longer exists. In order to get through you have to tramp across a furrowed field which is very hard going. I thought ploughing up footpaths was illegal.


When you are out and about in Starston please keep to the authorised  footpaths – there are maps showing all the legal paths on the village website:  https://bit.ly/2xlPOgc In this fine weather many people are getting exercise where they can but a number of people have been going off the proper paths and using farm […]

Read the FIRST EVER EDITION of Pigeon Post – March 1991

The May 2020 edition of Pigeon Post is number 340 but have you ever wondered what edition 1 looked like? The first edition of Pigeon Post was published in March 1991 – in black and white of course – and is now available to read on the Starston Village website. Go to the Pigeon Post […]

The Jubilee Hall and Coronavirus

As you have probably noticed, the Jubilee Hall Trustees have taken the decision to close the Hall entirely during the coronavirus outbreak. All Jubilee Hall events have been cancelled at least until the end of May and no-one is allowed to hire the Hall during that time. The car park gates have been closed and […]

The Great Teddy Bear Hunt

The Great Teddy Bear Hunt

A mass teddy bear hunt is under way around the world to help distract the millions of children locked down because of the coronavirus pandemic. Stuffed toys are being placed in windows to give children a fun and safe activity while walking around their neighbourhood with parents. The hunt is inspired by the children’s book […]

Harleston Kindness During Covid 19 Crisis

A group called Harleston Kindness has been set up to help people during the current crisis with up to date information on places who will do local deliveries and other local services that can be provided With new information emerging all the time, and some business deciding not to carry on deliveries/takeaways, the website will […]

Available Food Delivery & Take-aways

For a list of all local businesses which are currently offering a delivery service or are open for take-aways click HERE Please Note: This list was correct as of Sunday 22nd March but the situation is changing daily so please check with individual businesses if you require their services.

Starston Parish Council Emergency ( Coronavirus) Plan 2020

In view of the current situation with Coronavirus, Starston Parish Council has updated the village Emergency Plan. To read the plan and its list of useful contacts Click HERE

Coronavirus Overtakes Pigeon Post

Coronavirus Overtakes Pigeon Post

The April edition of Pigeon Post, which is already distributed in the village and will be available on the village website from the end of March, was overtaken by events. There were a number of events in April and May mentioned in the magazine, all of which were correct at the time it went to […]