Hooray – Amendments to Harleston Traffic Flow

A Love of Travel – and Warthogs

A Love of Travel – and Warthogs

My name is Sheena Wateridge. I was born in Kent, my parents came from north-west Scotland and I have now lived in Starston since 2019. However, I have been fortunate enough to travel widely and for 20 years of my life I lived in Africa, a time that I really enjoyed and it was there […]

Traffic Changes in Harleston

Glebe Meadow Honey – Get Yours Now

Glebe Meadow honey has been selling like hot cakes but there’s loads left.  This is honey from Starston bees in Glebe Meadow and all proceeds go to supporting Jubilee Hall. The honey is delicious, local and still £4 a jar!  If you would like some jars then please contact Peter Grimble on 01379 852819 or […]

Building and Flying Your Own Aircraft

Building and Flying Your Own Aircraft

My interest in aircraft started when I was a young boy back in the 1940’s, starting with paper aeroplanes and then slowly moving up over the years to balsa wood gliders, rubber band driven flying models, small diesel engine driven models and finally radio controlled models in my late teens. These were all hand-built, either […]

Please Remember Christian Aid Week

Due to Coronavirus, the Christian Aid street collection in May has been cancelled this year. Starston has always supported Christian Aid very generously raising thousands of pounds for worthy projects around the world. Urgent support for Christian Aid continues to be needed more than ever in developing countries, especially where medical aid is almost non-existent […]

The 4th Emergency Service

The 4th Emergency Service

In recent weeks we’ve all had cause to be grateful for the work of the emergency services, Police, Fire and Ambulance, but there is a 4th Emergency Service that is sometimes overlooked. It is, of course, the lifeboat service – the RNLI. The country may be in lockdown but there are many people doing essential […]

Fly Tipping at the Jubilee Hall

If anyone knows who is fly tipping rubbish at the Jubilee Hall please contact one of the Trustees. Recently our black bin was filled with bricks, concrete and even an old chimney. We put the bin in the shed to try and stop this but this morning there were two big plastic sacks of rubbish, […]

Footpath from Wind Pump to Beck Cottages

The footpath from the wind pump to Beck Cottages has been ploughed up and no longer exists. In order to get through you have to tramp across a furrowed field which is very hard going. I thought ploughing up footpaths was illegal.


When you are out and about in Starston please keep to the authorised  footpaths – there are maps showing all the legal paths on the village website:  https://bit.ly/2xlPOgc In this fine weather many people are getting exercise where they can but a number of people have been going off the proper paths and using farm […]