Glebe Meadow Honey

Honey produced by Starston bees in Glebe Meadow is now available for sale at £4 a jar. A few jars of set honey, extracted in May, are still available and also lots of soft and runny honey extracted in early August. Bees feed on nectar from different flowers, including trees, at different times of the year. Honey is typically 75% glucose and fructose and the consistency and unique flavour depend on the proportion of each, and which other sugars and substances the bees have introduced. Honey produced earlier in the year contains a relatively higher glucose proportion, which is less soluble than fructose, and so more inclined to granulate and become set honey. One hive may produce honey which varies from its neighbour. This is part of the delight of a natural, local and healthy product – which is delicious! All proceeds from the sale of Glebe Meadow honey go to support Jubilee Hall. If you would like to buy some, please contact me (Peter Grimble) on 852819.