Bee Swarms and the Glebe Meadow

BUZZ, BUZZ, you busy bees! A successful spring

This has been a busy time for bee swarms as well as for swarm collectors. And spring honey has been extracted and is now available – please ring me or call round for your jars of delicious Starston honey.

I have collected 4 bee swarms from local villages, 3 of which are enjoying life in their new surroundings in Glebe Meadow, and the other in our garden. Left in the wild, most swarms will eventually die, having caused both amazement and consternation to humans while a noisy cloud of 20,000 bees is looking for a new home. Three of the swarms I collected were in trees (fortunately not too high) and one in a hedge. We now have 5 hives in Glebe Meadow. Swarms have to be treated for varroa mite infection and fed sugar syrup for a week or two until they have brought in sufficient food supplies of their own. Sitting between spring and summer flowering, June is well known for its relative dearth of nectar and feeding is vital to help these new colonies develop well. With luck, the queen in each swarm starts laying almost immediately and bee numbers build up to ensure the success of the new colony in their new home.

Hopefully this return to five hives will bode well for further Glebe Meadow honey production in late July/early August. In the meantime, please contact me for your Glebe Meadow honey. All proceeds go to Jubilee Hall and Glebe Meadow.

Peter Grimble

01379 852819, 07879 330925