Help Survey Owls

Do you have tawny owls near you?  The British Trust for Ornithology is concerned that numbers are declining and is running a survey to obtain more information.  Can you help, by listening for just 20 minutes and recording what you hear- or don’t hear? To quote from their web page, “It’s easy to take part – just listen for 20 minutes during at least one evening between now and 31 March 2019. You can listen from your garden, local park or woodland. You can even listen whilst lying in bed with the window open! All information is valuable, even zero counts”.  To read more about the survey and to register to take part, go to

This is one bird survey for which almost no bird knowledge is needed- if you can make out a tu-whit, tu-woo (or “kee-wick”), then you can do it!  If you are organised enough you can make repeated observations, week by week.  The BTO page has recordings of what to listen for, what to record, a short video, and a link for downloading detailed instructions. The ‘Join the Tawny Owl Calling Survey’ link is at the bottom of the page.

Young owl, Duck Cottage 2008

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