Community Speedwatch

Speedwatch has started to evolve after the Chief Constable’s summit meeting in Wymondham last November. At this meeting the 65 coordinators put forward a raft of suggestions to improve the working of the operation. These suggestions were analysed by a team of experts and placed in the appropriate section.

Some of the ideas are now a regular part of the way the information is used and it is much harsher on the motorist when caught. We now have a more structured system that creates a community camera enforcement officer within the parish when certain thresholds are achieved by the teams.

In Starston we have had the benefit of the officer with radar gun every month since February and this has resulted on around 50 drivers receiving ‘intent to prosecute’ notices. These results are also benefitting the other parishes adjacent to Starston as he visits them as well while in the area.

There appears to be a misconception that SAM2 data is used by Speedwatch to compile the figures that we publish but this is not the case. Sam2 collects general data such as the number of cars that are speeding. It does not collect the vital information that is part and parcel of the Speedwatch brief such as registration numbers, make and model of vehicle plus colour. This is the information required to issue warning notices which may lead to prosecution of offenders. Sam2 is therefore of no use to the police but is invaluable in gathering statistics that provides an overall view of the speeding problem. It is the Speedwatch information that leads to warnings and prosecutions.

Frederic Coates


Below are 2 PowerPoint Presentations which give a lot of background information
about the operation and achievements of Speedwatch

On 28th March 2018 there was the Annual Community Speedwatch Coordinators Meeting for the Norfolk Safety Camera Partnership. Click HERE to view the Presentation from that meeting:

Also on that date there was up update presented by Inspector Victoria Hebborn. Click HERE to see that presentation.