GNLP Response

Parish Council Minutes 22nd March 2018 – Appendix 4 –

Starston Parish Council – GNLP response

Responses to the GNLP are requested in section 1.17 (page 7) of the GNLP to be supported by setting out the reasons for the response, and that any additional evidence is provided.

Below is Starston Parish Council’s response to the GNLP.

9 Which alternative or alternatives do you favour?

Options 3 (Supporting the Cambridge to Norwich Tech Corridor) and Option 5 (Dispersal plus New Settlement)


The GNLP was discussed at the Starston Parish Council meeting on 20.3.18. The view of Parish Councillors was that development should be linked to where there were job opportunities and good transport links.


Creating a new settlement should provide the opportunity for good design ie one that supports a sense of community; reduces the impact of traffic; creates footpaths and cycle paths; supports economic development etc.


56 Should the GNLP protect additional Strategic Gaps and if so where should these be?

Yes, between Harleston (a market town) and Starston (a rural village in close proximity to Harleston).


The reason for this is that Starston parishioners when consulted about planning, housing and development for the Parish Plan 2008, (95% response rate), stated that they did not want to see Starston absorbed into Harleston as a result of large scale housing development between the two currently distinct communities (see page 11 at )


This view is still held strongly by residents today.   It was reflected in the Parish’s response to the 2017 Local Government Boundary Commission Review (LGBC). The national review body listened to the request from Starston Parish Council, supported by our District Councillor, that Starston remained in a ward with other rural parishes, rather than become incorporated into a ward with our local market town Harleston, as proposed by South Norfolk District Council.


66 Are there any other issues relating to the GNLP you would like to raise?

There is community support for “slow and careful development” in the parish, as evidenced by both the Parish Plan 2008 (see page 11) and the public consultation meeting on the GNLP held on Tuesday 6th March 2018, to which over 20 residents attended (see village magazine “Pigeon Post” April 2018, page 10/11 at ) .


There is support for infill development at the rate of around 1 house per year.   There is also the view that affordable housing or starter homes are necessary for the health and vibrancy of the village, whilst retaining the rural charm and peaceful nature of the village.


Starston is currently designated “other village” due to its very limited community facilities – a village hall, community meadow, medieval church and community groups. There is no mains sewage in the village.  However, local services such as schools and shops are readily accessible in neighbouring villages and Harleston, our closest market town.


As a Parish Council we are aware of individual households within the parish that want to build on their land to provide starter homes for their children (some on a self-build basis), homes for family members, homes for farm workers and local keyworkers. This has community support in principle, and we would like the planning authorities to take these local views into consideration.


Please note that as at March 2018, the parish is in the early stages of developing a Neighbourhood Plan, with the aim of ensuring that the views of local people are taken into consideration in planning policy that affects Starston.