Happy New Year Starston

Happy New Year 2018And so another New Year begins and with it the 312th edition of Pigeon Post, the village magazine for Starston.

Could you write an article for Pigeon Post? We are always looking for interesting pieces, perhaps about something you know well, perhaps about something you have done at some time in your life, perhaps about an organisation you belong to or an opinion that you hold that you would like to share.

Anything (within the realms of decency) would be welcome. If you prefer to send us some notes for us to write up for your approval then that’s fine. This is your village magazine and we would like as many people as possible to contribute to it.

Pigeon Post is produced monthly and is delivered free to every house in Starston. PDF copies of the magazine are also sent by email (free of charge) to people outside the village who have specifically asked for it – mostly people who have moved away but who want to stay in touch, or friends of people in the village. The magazine is also available to read on the Starston Village web site. The magazine is self-funding through adverts and is independent of any other organisation in the village.

Pigeon Post is managed by a team of volunteers who are currently:

  • Michael Bartlett – Co-ordinating Editor
  • Sue Moore – Deputy Editor
  • Mandy Carter – Treasurer
  • Liz Stacey – Advertising Manager
  • Brian Greathead – Distribution Manager (with 9 Distributors around the village)
  • Christina Davies – Webmaster

If you would like to write something for us, or have ideas about what we might include or can help with the magazine in any way then please contact one of the editorial team:

Michael Bartlett:  editor@pigeonpost.org.uk

Sue Moore:   suemoore0717@gmail.com

Go on. Make a Pigeon happy. You know you want to….!